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Aloe Vera (Gel) and Your Hair


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Jan 26, 2021



Aloe Vera is a well-known and well-loved ingredient in many beauty, skin, and hair care products. It is widely used as an ingredient in DIY recipes as well as by itself. Aloe vera is a focal point of a million-dollar industry that encompasses beauty creams to healthy juices and diet supplements. Over time, aloe vera has seamlessly integrated itself into everything we use. So, why is aloe so popular?   The leaves hold a clear, slimy gel, that is bitter to the taste and known all over the world for its unbelievable healing properties. This gel is approximately 96% water. Aloe vera also contains proteins and Vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Acemannan is a complex carbohydrate found in aloe vera. It is a crucial component of aloe vera gel and allows nutrients to reach the cells, nourish them and relieve them of toxins. With such benefits, it is easy to see why practitioners of herbal medicine have all advocated aloe vera as a healer, whether it is applied externally or ingested into the body.

Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes that aid in the repair of dead skin cells on the scalp.  Aloe vera is also a great conditioner for the hair and scalp. It leaves your hair shiny, smooth, and moisturized. It promotes hair growth and soothes the scalp to prevent itching. Aloe vera may also help reduce flaking of the scalp and dandruff. Aloe vera gel has a chemical makeup that is similar to the makeup of keratin, the protein that is the primary component of hair. Among its many benefits, aloe vera helps prevent breakage and promote elasticity of the hair.

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Your Hair

  1. Calms an itchy scalp

  2. Seborrheic dermatitis is the clinical term for the condition we call dandruff. The symptoms of an itchy scalp and flaking skin under your hair can be treated with aloe vera.

  3. Calms scalp inflammation that dandruff causes

  4. Deep cleans oily hair

  5. Aloe vera gently cleanses the hair shaft efficiently, removing excess oil and residue from other hair products

  6. Makes hair more manageable

  7. Makes hair shinier

  8. Makes hair softer

  9. Strengthens and repairs hair strands

Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins contribute to cell turnover which promotes healthy cell growth. Vitamin B12 and folic acid, which are also contained in aloe vera gel can keep your hair from falling out and combat hair loss.

Ways to use Aloe Vera on Your Hair

There are many ways to use aloe vera gel. You can use it as a:

  1. pre-shampoo treatment – aloe vera gel helps to reduce buildup dandruff, which makes it perfect for use as a pre-shampoo treatment. The natural enzymes in aloe vera destroy dead skin cells and fungi that lead to dandruff while balancing the pH level balanced of the scalp and moisturizing the hair.

  2. detangler – aloe vera gel is an excellent detangler. Its slip and moisturizing abilities will help those tangles melt away for easier detangling.

  3. curl definer – Aloe Vera gel will make your curls pop. It provides definition without dryness.

  4. moisturizer – aloe vera gel imparts moisture and improves hair’s natural shine so that your hair immediately looks and feels healthier.

  5. leave-in – honestly, with all its benefits and its ability to impart moisture and boost definition, you won’t need much more than a bit of oil and some aloe vera gel to style your hair post-wash.

  6. conditioner – add some aloe vera gel to your usual conditioner to give it a boost and get all the benefits of aloe vera. Alternately, you could use aloe vera gel in place of your usual conditioner as it has excellent slip for detangling and will moisturize your hair, fight frizz and impart shine.

Use aloe vera gel alone or mix it with your favorite oils. Jojoba oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil are great options if you are looking to mix your aloe vera with something else. With aloe vera, a little truly does go a long way, so if you won’t be rinsing it from your hair after a few minutes or hours, be sure not to use too much as flaking may result. You should also know that aloe vera gel products that are sold are never 100% aloe vera gel even if they claim to be. At the very least they contain preservatives but typically also contain other ingredients instead.  Purchasing the leaf from your health food or traditional grocery store is much more likely to give you pure gel. If you fall in love with aloe vera gel and want to make it a consistent part of your hair (and skin) care routines you may want to consider growing the plant yourself.


3 min read

Jan 26, 2021



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