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Danielle Logan – Of Faith and Positivity


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Jan 9, 2019



Danielle Logan is one of the newest faces of Janelle Beauty. She is a recording artist, worship leader and a woman on fire to make a difference in the world of beauty vlogging.

As she prepared to launch her new YouTube channel, I wanted to sit down with her to learn more about what got her to this point. Janelle Beauty chose her because of her embodiment of their target market and her style (the girl rocks!) but we wanted to dig deeper and hear her voice and her heart.

Anika: Congratulations on being one of the Janelle Beauty models! For this photo-shoot we used a few of our own products on your hair. What do you think?

I am a HUGEE FAN of Janelle Beauty products!

I am a HUGEE FAN of Janelle Beauty products! My hair looks super moisturized and healthy even with having a small amount of heat damage from prior hair styles. Each product has left my hair looking and feeling moisturized which was one challenge that I personally have with my natural hair. One major difference I noticed immediately was with the Tea Tree shampoo. After washing with other shampoos my hair usually sheds a good amount while detangling. However, after using the tea tree shampoo I noticed a drastic change in the amount of hair that shed while detangling.

Anika: Do you remember the moment you decided to go natural?

The first time I went natural was in my junior year of high school. To be completely honest, the interest came because it was becoming super trendy! In my mind, I imagined going natural would be the easiest thing in the world… UNTIL I did the big chop! Then that’s when I realized that I was kind of clueless on which were the right products and how to even style it. A little over a year later I decided it wasn’t worth the headache so I got a perm and a nice short cut. As time went on, one day I had a vision of myself dancing before God like a ballerina with my natural hair. My appreciation for the hair God gave me grew; but I never acted on it. A few months went by and after getting a sew-in I realized that I hadn’t got a perm in a while and just scheduled an appointment with my hair dresser not knowing what on earth I wanted to do with my hair. After my hair dresser washed my hair we both looked in the mirror taking a moment to point out all the new growth coming in. In that moment I said let’s do another big chop, a little color, and a design on the side. And we went for it. It was not until months later when my hair started to grow that I was reminded of the vision of me dancing before God with my natural hair.

Anika: What is the biggest challenge in maintaining natural hair?

The biggest challenge for maintaining my natural hair is always making sure my hair is moisturized. Since my hair DRINKS moisture, it can be difficult keeping it from looking dry. Another challenge I face with having natural hair is the detangling process! Although my hair is at a short to medium length it takes 30-40 minutes to section and properly detangle my hair without causing damage.

Anika: What does beauty mean to you?

To me beauty is having a confidence from accepting the combinations of qualities that God has given you.

Anika: As a woman of faith, do you find that your faith impacts your beauty decisions or no?

Yes, I believe that there is a level of modesty that a woman should carry for her body and outward appearance out of respect for God and her husband. We as women should be mindful and think about what is appropriate in Gods eyes -Not saying that women should only wear long dresses and long skirts and not against it if that is what you feel is right.

Anika: What will you say defines who you are?

Internally, Faith and positivity. Externally, My hair

Anika: Do you feel the need to share your experience with other women since Hair is such a defining thing for you?

Yes, I feel that it is important to share my personal experience with my hair because I was once ashamed of the type of hair I had. I feel that sharing what I learned about my hair can help and/or motivate others to learn about their hair and what works best for them. My YouTube channel will be a place where women will learn to not be ashamed of the type of hair they have.

Anika: What do you plan to share on your YouTube Channel?

To start I plan to share about my hair journey, my faith, and beauty tips.

Anika: Why did you want to start a YouTube Channel?

I wanted to start a YouTube Channel to share my knowledge on the things I’ve learned in my natural hair journey. I also think having this platform can be a way to encourage others.

Anika: What would people be surprised to know about you?

I think people who don’t know much about me would be surprised to know that I have a happy dance when I eat food that’s amazing!!!

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