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Janelle Beauty Frequently Asked Product Questions


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Aug 7, 2019



My hair is chemically relaxed. Can I use this product?

Yes, you can use it on your chemically relaxed hair. Even with chemically relaxed hair, some customers still use heat to style their hair. This offers superior protection from heat and a smoother, shinier look to your straight styles.

Do your products contain nuts?

You can check the ingredients on each individual product for allergens. However, some of our products have nut derivatives like sweet almond oil. Additionally, there are many raw materials from many suppliers used in the manufacture of Janelle Beauty products therefore we cannot guarantee that our products are completely free of nuts or nut derivatives that may trigger an allergic response in highly sensitive individuals. We recommend you discuss with your physician after looking at the ingredient labels.

Can this be used on the portion of hair that is not relaxed even if you have some relaxer remaining on the ends?

It can be used to transition to your natural hair. You use the products on your entire head of hair including the relaxed ends.

Will my hair revert if I sweat?

Yes, water and excessive sweat will make your hair revert to it’s natural state. You reapply heat with the serum to get your back to straight.

How does this differ from a Keratin Treatment?

A keratin treatment is a chemical process that smooths and shines frizzy hair using a formaldehyde derivative. This treatment, if you get the Deluxe Kit, key ingredients are honey, molasses. aloes and virgin coconut oil. The protein found in coconut oil seals the hair. It is also a temporary smoothing process that reverts once you wet your hair.

Can you use these products on permanent colored hair

Yes our product can be used on permanent colored hair

I want to transition my hair without damage is this possible?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible! The point where your natural hair meets your relaxed hair is extremely vulnerable to breakage. You can use this treatment, especially the Brilliant Shine Virgin Coconut Hair Serum to seal your hair follicles to prevent damage.

If you’re still using heat to straighten it, how is this helping natural curls stay healthy? I like to wear my hair straight but don’t want to ruin my curl pattern with flat ironing too much.

Yes, extended use of the flat-iron will straighten your curl pattern. We have customers and some models who refuse to use heat, even with the protection our products offer. However, if you choose to wear it straight, we recommend protecting your hair as much as possible from heat damage. After you apply the Brilliant Shine products you can actually style it curly because your natural curls will be more defined. If you decide to take the plunge and apply heat, your hair is coated and ready. The Brilliant Shine Virgin Coconut Serum aka the Finisher, is your best weapon against high heat. It comes alive when heat is applied and adds a layer of protein to give that smooth look while protecting your natural hair. We don’t recommend you use it unless you plan to apply heat. It will disappear in your natural hair with no visible effect of shine.

My hair is naturally curly, will this product make my hair straight?

The flat-iron gets your hair straight. The Brilliant Shine products prepare your hear for and protect it from heat. The Brilliant Shine Virgin Coconut Serum fights against frizzing out in humid weather.

Do you user the Brilliant Shine products in addition to a flat iron to get your hair straight?

The flat-iron gets your hair straight. Our products prepare your hair for and protect it from heat while adding a lustrous look to your straight look.

I’m transitioning to natural hair; can I avoid the big chop by using this product?

Yes! You can use this regimen to transition smoothly out of chemical relaxers without having to cut your hair and start over.

Do I need to use your shampoo and conditioner for best results?

For best results yes. Our Brilliant Shine Hair Wash and Conditioner are extremely moisturizing and adds layers of protection to your hair to prepare it for and protect it from heat.

Can I still use this even if I’m not transitioning, I’m already a ”natural” but I would like to straighten my hair every now and then but I’m afraid of heat damages.. I also need something that will help the frizzy when I wear my natural curls on a wash and go. I have combination 4b/4c. What products can I get?

Yes you can especially use it if you’re natural! This treatment is designed specifically to prevent heat damage while coating the hair. You can get the Brilliant Shine Deluxe Kit for your straight styles plus the My Natural Curl Silky Hair Lotion for your wash and go or twist out styles.

I was told no poo (no shampoo) was beneficial to natural hair; Why should I use a hair wash?

With continuous use of products in your hair, you will need a clarifying hair wash to get your hair clean without stripping it of its natural oils. Our Tea Tree Mint Hair Wash is the most incredible hair wash experience. It is not only invigorating but it leaves your hair completely clean and moisturized at the same time.

Do your products contain wheat?

You can look at the individual products (not kits) to find an ingredient list. But some products do contain wheat germ oil.

Can this be used on 4c Hair?

Yes, it can be used on 4c Hair. The flat iron gets your hair straight and our products prepare your hair for and protect it from heat. Your hair is coated with a plethora of ingredients including honey, molasses, and the protein in Virgin Coconut oil to give it a lustrous smooth look temporarily. When you wet or wash your hair, your natural curl pattern is moisturized and defined for whatever style you want to wear next.

I normally wear a short cut but smooth. I do currently relax. I want to try the brilliant shine deluxe kit for smoothing and hopefully be able to stop using a relaxer, but I normally wrap my hair to dry it. Do you all also make a wrap lotion? Will this particular Deluxe kit work on relaxed hair until my relaxer wears off?

The Deluxe Kit is ideal for transitioning to natural hair without the big chop as it coats your natural roots and the processed ends with a protein protective layer. This allows the flat iron to give you a consistent smooth look from roots to ends without damaging your fragile natural hair. To answer your first question, unfortunately we do not yet carry a wrap lotion. The Serum does an ideal job of holding the smooth look and keeping frizz at bay. This system will work well with your favorite wrap lotion! Hope this helps!

I have short curly hair that is grey and thinning. What do you recommend?

If you wear your hair in its natural curly state, we recommend your first product choice be the Brilliant Shine Deluxe Kit to really add some key nutrients to your hair to help stimulate your scalp. You can skip the last step with the Brilliant Shine Virgin Coconut Hair Serum and use the My Natural Curl Silky Hair Lotion instead to style your hair.

When you are ready to wear it straight you repeat the treatment and then use the Brilliant Shine Virgin Coconut Hair Serum to flat iron your hair. We would recommend you use a lower heat setting on your flat iron as a general guideline for grey hair.

I live in a humid area, will this product work for me?

In humid areas, you will need to use a bit more of the Serum to make your straight look last longer.  It may seem a bit thin at first, but it will fill out with the humidity. 

How often can I use the Hair Mask?

You can use the Brilliant Shine Hair Mask once a month (twice monthly if hair is very damaged).


5 min read

Aug 7, 2019



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