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Janelle Beauty Original Models – It’s a family affair


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Jan 16, 2019



When I started Janelle Beauty, I did not have to look far to find beautiful women of color to grace my marketing materials – I had a gazillion cousins!! They were all different shades of melanin and all different sizes! My cousin Krissy was the first to grace my catalog cover followed quickly by Abigail. Abigail was there for it all since she lived with me for almost a year! Then came Sharon, Kerlene, Keisha, Amanda, Kristal and my auntie Carol!

The name Janelle means God’s grace and we sure did need it in those early days. I am forever grateful to my family who posed and tried products and posed again to help set the standard for The Official Janelle Beauty Model.

Hanging with cousins in Trinidad

Me with my cousins Sharon and Kerlene

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