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The Glowing Skin & Hair Smoothie


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Jan 24, 2019



Everyone knows what goes into your body eventually shows up on the outside. I don’t know about you, but I spent most of my life mindlessly eating for sustenance and good taste… mostly great taste! Even when I am conscious about what I eat, my focus is usually to lose weight and not necessarily to have glowing skin and hair. What if we decide to incorporate specific food into our recipes to help us get our hair and skin that shine? Whatever our hair texture, we know for sure that dull, lifeless hair is never the Creator’s intention for our hair!

Let’s look to nature and see what we can find to boost our shine level up a notch!

The Glowing Skin & Hair Smoothie

This smoothie is overflowing with antioxidants that help combat free-radical damage.

½ cup frozen blueberries

½ cup frozen blackberries

½ cup frozen raspberries

½ frozen banana slices

1 thin slice of ginger

1 ½ tsp of honey

1 cup Greek yogurt

3 ice cubes

Mix all ingredients in blender until smooth and creamy. Serve immediately.

Key Ingredient Profile

Ginger: Ginger is a powerhouse root that stimulates blood circulation allowing your cells do what they need to do to fight inflammation. Less inflammation leads to glowing skin & hair.

Greek Yogurt: Protein. Protein. Protein. Greek yogurt has 2x the amount of protein than regular yogurt. Your body uses protein to build and maintain all of your major organs, but it also uses protein for your hair and skin. Greek yogurt also contains probiotics which is mission critical in maintain gut health and keeping you healthy.

Berries: We can write a book on the benefits of berries but suffice it to say that when the Lord created berries, He created a miracle food! It’s benefits for hair and skin lies in its effectiveness to combat free-radical damage. Blueberries aid in hair growth due to the compound proanthocyanidins. This compound has been shown to increase hair growth in clinical studies.

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