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DIY with Irene: Space Mobiles


3 min read

May 19, 2017



Everything happens for a reason and what is meant for you will always be yours. I am a strong believer in fate and the idea that whatever the stars planned for you on the day you were brought on to this Earth, will be. No matter what you do to try and change things, they will occur as they should. Call me crazy, but it’s just the way I’ve always looked at things.

So as a child, I was naturally gravitated toward astrology or anything that supported the idea that the planets have an effect on who you are and how you are feeling. Anything that had to do with being a Leo, space mobiles, moon shaped night lights, and glow in the dark stars were common decor in my bedroom. As an adult, I still feel comforted by things that add a little sparkle and glow or have to do with the sky. I decided to create something that younger me would appreciate. DIY space inspired mobiles!

What you’ll need:

  1. Embroidery Hoop

  2. Yarn (or fishing wire)

  3. Trims

  4. Adhesive glitter stars

  5. Glitter

  6. Acrylic Paint

  7. Spray glue/regular glue

  8. Scissors

  9. Paint Brushes

Step 1: Paint your hoop! In this photo, I show the hoop unattached but you can leave it attached and just paint it as is, I learned this worked easier. I mixed a dark blue and a lavender to stick with the space theme, but you can choose any colors you’d like!

Step 2: While your hoop is drying, make your pom pom! This part can be a little tricky and looks a lot easier than it is so bear with me, you CAN do this! First, cut a piece of yarn about 6 inches long. You’ll use this later.

Step 3: You don’t have to precut a specific amount of yarn in this step. I took the end and just started wrapping it around my fingers. (I used all four fingers to get a bigger pom pom) Just keep wrapping!

Step 4: Take your precut string and feed it through your middle finger and your ring finger. You can use something to help push the string through. Once it’s through, tie a double knot, wrap it around, and tie another double knot!

Step 5: Trim! Use a pair of sharp scissors and begin cutting the pom pom. It made look stringy at first, just keep cutting until you get the pom pom the way you want it to look. I gave mine a little haircut until I almost reached the center of the pom pom.

Step 6: Cut another piece of yarn and wrap it around the pom pom so it has something to dangle from!

Step 7: Now that your hoop is most likely dry, you can add some glitter. I mixed two glitters together to get this color. But again, you can choose to do this however you’d like! You just spray the hoop with your glue and pour some glitter on that baby!

Step 8: After the glitter is dry, you can attach some yarn and trims to your hoop. Do this by simply tying them around the hoop itself.

Step 9: Add stars to the yarn/trim. I bought adhesive stars at the craft store that you can easily just stick together. If you can’t find something like these, you can make your own stars and just glue two ends together.

Step 10: Using yarn (as I decided to do) or fishing wire (for more strength and invisibility!), you can tie pieces on four opposite corners of the hoop. This is how you’ll hang it evenly. After you tie them around the hoop, tie them together at the top. Make sure to create some sort of loop to hang the mobile from and don’t forget to add your planet to dangle in the center! (the pom pom!)

These space inspired mobiles will add some magic to any room. For me, they are a representation of the same ideas that I had as a child: that there is something greater than me, dictating the events of my life and why I feel the way I do about them. They bring comfort and peace to a little corner of my bedroom that are always a great little addition!


3 min read

May 19, 2017



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